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Of cameras and tools …

Cameras are the tools of the trade for the photographer, there is no doubt about it. You always see the photographer with more than one camera, many lenses and in general the latest from photographic technology. I am no exception in this continuous quest for the latest and greatest – this year I acquired a great camera, the Canon 5D Mk III, which I greatly enjoy using.

Tools now extend to the computer side as well. Often I notice comments like “… photographers can fix that in Photoshop …”. While it is true that Photoshop is a great (and complex) software, photographs should not be “fixed” but “enhanced” instead. I believe that creating a great image in camera will make a superb enhanced image later. Start with an image that is just so-so in camera and you end up with a finished photo that is still so-so (or worse).

At the end of the day these are just tools and it is how the photographer uses them that makes the difference  – the photographer  creates your child’s beautiful images, not the camera.

More on Colors and Children

I have to admit that I simply love these images. This is a session I have done in Rockville this past Fall. The foliage was at peak, some leaves still on the trees, with a lot of earth tones but also brilliant oranges and yellows … and the girls in the images have this great pink shirts, a color that simply “pops”  and separates the subject from the background. And, last but not least, four kids that really loved being in front of the camera, and made this a great photo session!

Children Photography – Chevy Chase

In this post I will continue with another example of color matching, as this is probably the most common question I get when consulting with customers before a session. These two lovely kids from Chevy Chase, MD show a great palette of colors. The pink in the girl’s dress is balanced by the red in the boy’s shirt. The blue (dark) in the boy’s shirt takes everything down a notch and provide the necessary contrast. This time, I have to say, well done Dad!

Teen Session

I had many great session in the past few months and I wanted to start with this teen from Bethesda. She did a great job during the session having fun, spinning, playing modeling … just being herself! This session is also another great example of an outfit style, contemporary casual, with nicely matching colors: I love the tan jacket over jeans, the scarf (with blue motifs) is a good example of an accessory that gives that extra touch to the photo.

Kids – Fall Session!

I had many many kids’ sessions this fall and with the ups and downs of temperature we never knew what to wear. For these two beautiful children from Columbia – MD we got a cooler day, so that they could show some pretty (and seasonal) clothing. I really had fun, they were very spontaneous and full of energy!

Maternity Session!

Here are a few photos from a recent maternity session. This Olney MD couple had a great chemistry and we ended with many great images, which made it very difficult to select. Very simple setup in my studio, I like the lines and shapes in these photos.

MAternity Maternity2

Maternity 3 Maternity 4